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Stump Grinding & Removal In Boston, MA

A stump removal service is a specialized service offered by arborists using equipment not typically available to homeowners.  It is a step beyond normal landscape maintenance and is not a service that is needed often.  But if you have a tree stump on your grounds that is causing you problems, this service is one that can take care of it.

Here at Adan Landscaping & Tree Services Inc we offer a Stump Grinding and stump removal service, we are able to access almost any stump without causing damage, we can also use sawdust and wood chips to fill in any gaps left by stump removal, see our gallery.


Why remove tree stumps?

Tree stumps may not seem like a big danger most of the time.  But they can become a problem in different circumstances and can even slow down development if you are having an established extension or yard.  Stumps are the debris left when a tree is felled that is still connected to the root system.  They are usually close to the ground, but stick out a bit as they are difficult to remove without specialized equipment.

Old stumps can also look unsightly after a while, as they tend to attract mold and fungus.  This can even spread to neighboring plants and trees, causing rot and other problems.  They can prevent any work in the area, such as laying a patio or an extension, until they are removed, and there is always the chance that the tree roots are not dead and the tree will grow back.

Stump Grinder

Adan Landscaping & Tree Services Inc. uses a stump grinder to remove these stumps and ensure that you don’t have to deal with any of these problems.  Stump grinders usually look a bit like a lawn mower and are designed to be pushed over the stump, as they have a very sharp blade underneath.  This cuts the stump and shreds it until there is nothing left.

These pieces of equipment can be quite dangerous, so it is always best to let a professional use them.  We offer a stump grinding service as a stand-alone service or in addition to other tree surgeon tasks.

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